13 Paranormal Investigators Who Would Never Ghost You

It’s late on a weeknight and the streets of Old Town are quiet and still. For a city with such a long and rich history, there are bound to be ghosts all around. Back at the Lather offices, the PPRS team is carrying the last of their gear up an appropriately creaky staircase. Cables snake through the winding hallways leading to cameras equipped with night vision, staring into unlit offices.

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They are incredibly hard workers and the kind of people that you are proud to call your friend. In 1990, Hawes began the “Rhode Island Paranormal Society”, after having a personal experience with spirits. After RIPS began investigating cases throughout the New England area, Jason met up with Grant Wilson in 1995 and renamed it “The Atlantic Paranormal Society.” Wilson had also had a personal experience. The group was originally run out of Jason’s basement, and at that time consisted only of Jason and Grant. They pioneered investigative techniques that many other paranormal investigators use. In 2003 they were approached by Pilgrim Films and taped ten episodes of “Ghost Hunters” for the Sci Fi channel.

Sometimes surveillance equipment is used for longer periods of time. The MFPS tells them how paranormal activity happens, and stresses there is nothing to be afraid of. “That night we ended up having a lot of shadow play and there is no lighting in the house,” Haney said. “We had several investigators who felt like they were being led through the maze to that particular area, which was very interesting.” Adam’s love and passion for the paranormal was ignited from an extremely haunting experience he had in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Dave Tango– better known as “Tango” on Ghost Nation – is one of the world’s leading paranormal authorities, best known as an investigator and tech manager on the hit shows Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters Academy. As a child, Tango was always intrigued by mysteries and the unknown, which led him to pursue magic as a serious hobby, and it remains an integral part of what makes Tango tick. Trained by the best in the paranormal field, Tango’s ghost-hunting philosophy is to never be afraid to try new techniques and always experiment in the field. His trademark genuineness and sometimes strange curiosity are what fans most undoubtedly love about him. The entrepreneur and fashion designer is the ringleader of the Ghost Brothers, with his finger on the pulse of the who, what, where, when and why of each case.