Paranormal Society Accessible Game

During the day, the halls of Pasadena-based skin care company Lather bustle with activity. Status meetings, performance reviews and watercooler rumors fill the air. But when the sun sets and the employees head home, another type of activity begins. Noises from dark and empty offices, the unsettling feeling you’re being watched, all fueled by rumors of a man murdered in one of the offices, decades ago, when the building was home to the Pasadena Hotel. These stories eventually made their way to us, and, eager for answers, we reached out to the Pasadena Paranormal Research Society and set up an investigation. Now that the calendar has turned and we’re all settled into the new year, we can’t help but be excited at what 2014 has in store for us.

In 2004, Bagans founded the world’s largest paranormal organization, The Ghost Adventures Crew, which consists of thousands of members. This gorgeous mansion was built by Sarah Morgan, sister of J P Morgan, as a summer home in the Berkshires. Although there is no real history of tragedy at the location there have been many reports of paranormal activity. We are really looking forward to working with Brian Cano on this event and making it yet another fun and informative time for everyone.

But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Pasadena Magazine is 6x annually life-style publication covering the people , events, and businesses of Pasadena and the surrounding San Gabriel Valley. After the investigation is completed, Monapert will comb through the audio. Oftentimes, there are sounds that went unheard in person and it isn’t until later that he learns someone was reaching out.

Travel back in time to Victorian London, where the government is denying an invasion of phantoms. In your quest to expose the truth and banish evil spirits from the city, you’ll need to find hidden objects, tackle puzzling adventures and complete quests. Perfect for intermediate eye gaze communicators, this hidden object game works on select Tobii Dynavox devices and can be played with Windows Control, Computer Control and other software. Steve Gonsalves, a former police officer, has been a public speaker and educator about paranormal phenomena for more than 18 years. Gonsalves started his work in paranormal studies at a very young age and is well-educated in the field, having investigated over 1,000 reportedly haunted locations.

Dave Tango– better known as “Tango” on Ghost Nation – is one of the world’s leading paranormal authorities, best known as an investigator and tech manager on the hit shows Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters Academy. As a child, Tango was always intrigued by mysteries and the unknown, which led him to pursue magic as a serious hobby, and it remains an integral part of what makes Tango tick. Trained by the best in the paranormal field, Tango’s ghost-hunting philosophy is to never be afraid to try new techniques and always experiment in the field. His trademark genuineness and sometimes strange curiosity are what fans most undoubtedly love about him. The entrepreneur and fashion designer is the ringleader of the Ghost Brothers, with his finger on the pulse of the who, what, where, when and why of each case.