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With that being said, we would like to pick up where they will leave off. MGHPS will soon be helping to raise the awareness of some incredible locations by telling, and helping to preserve their history. This is not a process that happens overnight so please keep an eye to this page for future announcements.

Hawes has handled cases for law enforcement, religious organizations and U.S. government agencies. Now, the pioneer responds to urgent calls from local paranormal investigators nationwide who have reached a dead end with their high-stakes personal cases on Ghost Nation. Referred to by many as a teddy bear, Aaron actually hates to be left alone in attics . You can also expect to hear him say, “Dude!” about 20 times per episode.

TAPS does not charge their clients for the investigations or consulting. ‘Tis the busy season in the paranormal and we are slammed with investigations. Before I talk about our current news I would like to congratulate a few friends on their current good fortune. Recently it was announced that Tim Weisberg of “Spooky Southcaost” and “Legend Trippers”, will be the writer and researcher for the new show “Ghost Stalkers” on Destination America. Tim is truly one of the class acts in this field and someone I have looked up to for a long time.

We are very excited for this project and I hope you will all participate in some way. Woods believes the SCPS reasoned with the spirit — because they were able to explain to it that the paranormal activity was scaring Woods and making her life uncomfortable. One group seeks to debunk paranormal activity, and the other makes appearances at special events or nonprofit functions.

In 2004, Bagans founded the world’s largest paranormal organization, The Ghost Adventures Crew, which consists of thousands of members. This gorgeous mansion was built by Sarah Morgan, sister of J P Morgan, as a summer home in the Berkshires. Although there is no real history of tragedy at the location there have been many reports of paranormal activity. We are really looking forward to working with Brian Cano on this event and making it yet another fun and informative time for everyone.