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“A lot of people who have worked at the Haunted House have experienced him,” Haney said. Marcus is the most spiritual member of the group, and the only father among the Ghost Brothers. He has an uncanny ability to provide peace and hope to frightened families; and his natural humor can always make anyone crack a smile. When Marcus isn’t lending comfort to a beleaguered family, he’s lending an empathetic ear, mad clipper skills, and old school barbershop wisdom to his famous clients at his Atlanta barbershop.

Everyone takes out their cell phones and powers them down, so as not to disturb the equipment. With our ties to the outside world severed, the investigation begins in full. Often they discover the source to be a carbon monoxide leak, odd electrical currents running through the house or undiagnosed psychological disorders. It’s only when such earthly explanations fail that the team breaks out their equipment and gets to work.

He started sharing details of his audio captures with Zak Bagans and joined the Ghost Adventures series as one of the paranormal investigation team’s audio/visual technicians and EVP analyst. We provide an atmosphere supporting the fun and intellectual exchange of paranormal ideas, serving as a platform for anything out of the ordinary. While at a site, the members of the team often find common explanations for the claims of the occupants.